The Main Buildings

At the heart of the site these buildings were constructed in progressive stages from 1898 through to 1935 which explains the three date stones recording the year when each major addition was made. Here we can find the steam pumping engine, the boiler house and the diesel pumping plant as well as the tea room. The front part of the structure contains the two deep wells from which Southern Water still pump up to twenty five million litres of water every day.

Hathorn Davey engineThe Engine House

 This part of the building contains the large 1914 Hathorn Davey triple expansion steam pumping engine. This engine was fitted with two sets of pumps and was capable of pumping to the Water Softening Plant and to the service reservoirs.

The Boiler House

B&W Boiler plateThree Babcock and Wilcox boilers, currently undergoing major restoration and rebuilding, can be found here. These form the last complete set of water tube boilers to survive in the country and date from 1906, 1903, and 1916 respectively. They supplied steam to the Hathorn Davey engine and to the electricity generating set which is also situated in the boiler house. Once restored, they will do so again. Steam was also used to clean the water filtering elements in the Filter House.

The Diesel House

Diesel House - 3-cylinder Ruston In the early 1930s the decision was taken to expand and modernise the pumping station and three modern diesel engines were purchased from Rustons to supplement the work of the steam engines. The Diesel House was built in 1934 to accommodate all three but ultimately only two were installed in here with the third in the temporary Transfer House, where it remains to this day. Two of the engines are in working order and are run on Open Days while the third is subject to a long-term restoration programme.



Last Updated: Friday 2nd September 2016