We welcome visiting exhibitors to The Works


Currently over 150 exhibitors support the Trust by bringing a vast array of different items to show and demonstrate to the many visitors who come to our Open Days. From full-size traction engines, fire engines and cars to stationary engines, model railways and the smallest model, and from wood turning to lace making - everything is welcome. Visiting locomotives are also welcome to run on our two foot gauge industrial railways.

Business as usual....

We are currently carrying out a major HLF-funded project to return us to steam, but will be holding all our usual events in 2014. Whether you are a regular exhibitor, or are planning to come to the Works for the first time we look forward to welcoming you this season. Many thanks!


Our main Open Days are themed so we try to ensure that the exhibits are relevant to these. Our May and October Open Days are more general, but are very popular with exhibitors so you need to contact us well beforehand if you want to bring something to these!

 Miniatures Line Up

Exhibitor areas are provided in our main buildings, with gazebos and marquees as necessary outside. We have a large surfaced area around the main buildings which is especially perfect for the operation of models and the display of vehicles.


All exhibits should carry appropriate insurance, and we will ask for proof of this, together with boiler certificates, etc if necessary. We are not able to offer any expenses to exhibitors but the Waterworks is fully available for you to enjoy on the day and we do provide free tea, coffee and biscuits in our mess room.


Trade exhibitors are welcome – please contact us for further details. The sale of food or other refreshments is not permitted.


Please contact our Open Day Exhibits Co-ordinators for a booking form or further details.


We look forward to welcoming you to Twyford Waterworks.

Last Updated: Tuesday 29th April 2014