Twyford Tea Room Menu


Hot drinks:

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, speciality teas       £1.50


Cold drinks: from the chiller

Bottles                                                                     £1.50

Cans                                                                         £1.00

Simply Fruity                                                              .80

Mineral Water                                                       £1.00        


Freshly made sandwiches:

From the chiller or made to order prices from £2.30


Home-made soup of the day:

With bread or roll & butter                                   £2.50


Selection of home-made cakes:

Available at the counter                  prices from  £1.00


Twyford Toasties:

Selection of fillings

Choose from cheese, ham, bacon, onion, tomato, mushroom          

One filling served with salad and crisps garnish   £2.70

Additional fillings (each)                                               30p


Ice creams and Lollies

Available from the Ice Cream Freezer          from  £1.20


*Other seasonal specials available – please see board and notices*



BBQ serving locally sourced burgers & hot dogs available on main Open Days


Last Updated: Tuesday 26th April 2016