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Twyford Waterworks Trust is a Registered Charity set up in 1985 to conserve and interpret Twyford Waterworks, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, as a museum for the water industry.  The Trust has no paid employees and is run entirely by volunteers. 






Health & Safety is of paramount importance to our operation, and we have taken the opportunity of reviewing this position as part of our Return to Steam Project. This position reports directly to the Hon. Chairman and the Board of Trustees.

Overall Purpose

Ensure that all reasonable and proper measures are taken to protect the health and safety of everyone working and/or visiting the Twyford Waterworks site


1        Review, monitor and amend as necessary, the Twyford Waterworks Trust’s (the Trust) Health and Safety (H & S) policy and procedures

2        Ensure that all personnel working at the site are aware of the Trust’s H & S policy, procedures and risk assessments

3        Ensure that the site complies with the relevant safety legislation as far as is reasonably practicable.

4        Carry out relevant training for personnel, to ensure safe practices are understood and adhered to

5        Carry out risk assessments for work activities, and ensure procedures are in place for personnel to be aware of them as appropriate Encourage lead volunteers to carry out the assessments for their projects.

6        Carry out inspections from time to time to check that H & S procedures are being followed, including an annual inspection to be undertaken jointly with Southern Water

7        Investigate any accident or H & S concern and report findings to the Trustees, and make amendments to procedures if appropriate

8        Keep appropriate records relating to H & S issues, and ensure that all equipment certification is up to date

9        Keep up to date with new legislation and changes affecting the role

10      Advise on a range of areas affecting H & S, such as signage, noise levels, protective equipment, safe use of machinery, and others relevant to the site


Steam Team (new positions due to Return to Steam Project)

We are currently putting together a team to operate and maintain the Babcock boiler and Hathorn Davey engine once they have been restored. Although steam experience will be welcomed we will be providing full training as part of the return to steam project and there are opportunities at all levels to get involved.


Other opportunities to join us

Steam or diesel engineering; boilers; carpentry; site or building maintenance; office administration; customer service; painting & decorating; grass cutting; track laying; running machinery; help with selling admission tickets; preparing and serving food in the tea room – we have room for you in any of these and many other capacities.



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Last Updated: Tuesday 19th April 2016