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Tales from the Tea Room

Steam Rally

7th May 2017


What a day we all had!


With so many exhibitors on site, the BBQ fired up early to help start the day with bacon rolls - and… fried eggs!! which were being offered for the first time this year. They proved very popular.  All made possible by the new BBQ which has a side burner.


With the tea-room set up and everyone gearing up for the day, there were orders coming in before the gates had formally opened. We had ordered in and bought more stock than we had for a Spring Rally in recent years - and still we were running low by early afternoon. The BBQ worked their little socks off until they quite literally sold out of everything by 1pm. The tea room team kept up with demand as best we could until stocks started to run low.


Recent years have shown us that a high demand for cake is always there. This year has been no exception! Customers are invariably looking for a slice of something to go with a cup of tea or coffee. After all, what could be better than a nice slice of home-made cake?


What we need is more cake!! Lots more cake. Our band of regular cake bakers are struggling to keep up with demand. Cakes make us money to help the Trust move forward in all its endeavours.* If any budding ‘Mary Berry’ bakers out there fancy donating a home-made cake, we would greatly appreciate it. Even when we think that we have more cake than we could possibly sell, it has invariably all gone by mid-afternoon.


There are a few basic rules that must be adhered to when baking for the public. There is simple list of “Do’s and Don’ts” which must be followed - it is the rather important part. The “Do’s and Don’ts” fact-sheet is below. Please don’t be put off by this as it is little more than basic hygiene and common sense.


To make things simple, we have also produced an allergens sheet for you to download, print and complete for each cake.


If you want any further information, I’m more than happy to offer advice. Email me at




* The trust does not necessarily function on cake alone… but we’re sure it helps!

Do’s and Don’ts for Cake Makers


Many thanks for offering to bake cakes for the Tea Room.

We have a duty of care to ensure that everything we sell to the public is fit for use and acceptable under food hygiene legislation and conforms to Food Information Regulations.



  • Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed before you start!

  • Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy before you start preparations.

  • All utensils, mixing bowls and equipment, baking sheets etc… must be clean and sound.

  • Always wear an apron (or overall) to protect the food (not your clothes) and if you have long hair, make sure it is tied back or enclosed.



  • Whilst making and cooking the cakes, make sure that there are no pets or insects present and that anyone else in the kitchen is aware of what you are doing and following hygiene guidelines.

  • All ingredients must be in date, fit for purpose and kept safe and covered before use. If using dried fruit , check it for stones or foreign bodies such as grit.

  • Be aware of what your ingredients contain, taking special notice of whether they contain any of the 14 disclosable allergens, i.e. celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya or sulpha dioxide.

  • Tasting is not allowed.

  • All steps must be taken to ensure that food is completely cooked.



  • Cakes must be cooled as quickly as possible and kept covered at all times.



  • Cakes may either be sliced or kept whole to be sliced at the Waterworks

  • If slicing and wrapping at home, you must ensure that this is carried out in the same clean and safe environment as above.

  • You must ensure that all wrapping materials are clean and fit for purpose.

  • If you are bringing a whole cake along, please ensure that it is brought along in a clean and air tight container.


Under the Food Information Regulations we must ask that with your cake you also bring along a list of ingredients used, paying particular attention to the list of 14 allergens, above,  which we have to declare.


Many thanks for your support!

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