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Environmental Risk Assessments


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1) Internal Combustion Engine Operation – Transfer of oils, lubricants and fuels to engines
                                                                          Leakage of oils, lubricants & fuels during operation
                                                                          Leakage of oils, lubricants & fuels while standing

2) Internal Combustion Engine Restoration –     Stripping Down,         Flushing/cleaning
                                                                                 Rebuilding,                 Commissioning
                                                                                 Fuel tanks,                 Fuel handling

3) Internal Combustion Engine Restoration / Operation – Storage of oils, lubricants, fuels, etc 
                                                                                                  Storage,   Use,      Disposal,
                                                                                                  Receipt of new stock

4) Ancillary Equipment (mowers, strimmers, BBQ) – Use of fuel and oil

5) Operation / Restoration - Flammable Materials – Storage of flammable liquids and gases

6) Narrow Gauge Railway Operation – Fuel and oil

7) Open Days - Parking of vehicles in car parking field – Leakage of fuel or oil from vehicles

8) Open Days - Road Vehicles parked as exhibits -  Leakage of fuel or oil from vehicles

9) Operation of Boiler - Disposal of Ash

10) Operation of Boiler- Storage of Coal

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